At more than 2,000,000 devotees, Luanna Perez is one of the most followed bloggers in the business. Having begun her website, and now widely inclusive brand, Le-Happy.com in 2009, she is one of the first style bloggers. Experiencing childhood in Peru, Luanna didn’t have a lot of motivation when it came to form. She began shopping in second hand shops and afterward putting a DIY turn on every thing she purchased, and reporting this on her site. Presently eight years after the fact, Luanna accomplices with probably the greatest names in the design business, loaning her special eye and voice to the brands and has developed her site and energy into a vocation. Along these lines, when she revealed to me she planned to dispatch her own dress line, I realized it would have been acceptable.

Produced using the best Peruvian cotton, every thing is one that you will need to wear over and over. Luanna went through a month back in her old neighborhood of Peru working with her group to guarantee every thing was totally awesome. Giving very close consideration to subtleties, the shirt outlines are not normal for anything you’ve ever worn. The illustrations are on the whole pictures from her movements around the globe and the trademarks are an impression of what each plan intends to her. Gracious, and did I notice each piece accompanies a customized DIY card from Luanna herself? Peruse ahead as Luanna shares with us an inside investigate her organization, what it took to make ShopLeHappy.com, and where she sees her organization five to ten years not far off.


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