she made this blog since years prior on the grounds that she ended up following websites as one does–and feeling a feeling of deficiency. she didn’t have a totally pinnable home, she was unable to manage the cost of planner dress (nor did she have any interest in it) and truly, s just felt like wherever she looked on the web everybody had this ideal life that appeared to be out of sight reach.

So–she began own defective corner of the web. A spot where genuine ladies can go to feel propelled, not lacking.

While she have grown up and a great deal of things have changed since she begun this blog 5+ years prior that standard has consistently continued as before. What’s more, certain, while the photos you see here may be lovely (it took a long effort to sort out some way to make them that way ?) the substance you’ll discover here is a lot of reality. Nothing in this blog should leave you playing the “correlation game.”

The Golden Girl is a ladies who searches for the delight in the ordinary frenzy. She reminds herself to organize progress over flawlessness, grasps balance–she arranges her a serving of mixed greens with a side of fries–and she knows while life can get muddled, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, as well.

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